Instant Taste Maker Masala Mix “Spicy & Tangy” 50g


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Instant Taste Maker Masala Mix “Classic South Indian”

Ingredients list:

Edible common salt, Maltodextrin, Spices & Condiments,Chilli powder, Starch, Flavor Enhancer (E627, E631).

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Application details:

Stir fry vegetables (Onion, Carrot, Beans , Cabbage) in oil of your choice. Add the masala of the pack to the fried vegetables .Add 1 Kg of cooked Rice/ Noodles/ Pasta / Vermicelli and cook for two minutes in medium flame. Your delicious dish is ready to relish! *For Biriyani, add the content while cooking vegetables. *For Egg or Chicken Fried rice & noodles add Eggs / Chicken shreds along with vegetables.


Nutritient Values (Approx 100gm) :

Energy(Kcal) – 263

Protein(g) – 12.01

Carbohydrate(g) – 45.01

Total Sugars(g) – 6.7

Total Fat(g) – 3.91

Sodium(g) – 10.1

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Weight 10 g


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