Instant Sweetcorn Soup Mix 48g


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Ingredients list:

Sugar, Potato starch, Maltodextrin, Edible Common salt,Dehydrated Vegetables (Sweet corn , Carrot bits and Leeks), Spices & Condiments, Thickeners & Stabilizers ( E415), Flavor Enhancers (E627,E631)


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Instant Sweetcorn Soup Mix:

1.Empty the Soup mix of this pack into a bowl.

2.Pour 600 ml (4 cups) of Boiling water

3. Stir well avoiding lump formation. Yummy Sweet Corn soup is ready!


Nutritient Values (Approx 100gm):

Energy(Kcal) – 296

Protein(g) – 1.1

Carbohydrate(g) – 68

Total Sugars(g) – 1.5

Total Fat(g) – 2.3

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Weight 48 g


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