Instant Crispy Fry Mix for Veggies 60g


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Ingredients list : 

Refined wheat flour, Starch, Gram flour, Edible Common salt, Spices & Condiments, Flavor Enhancer(E627, E631), Raising agent (E550 (ii)), Preservative (E211)

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Product Description

Application details :

Step 1: Make 3 equal portions of Crispy Fry Mix of this pack . Dissolve one portion in 35ml (Approx 4 table spoon) of water. Coat a piece of vegetable in dry mix powder.
Step 2: Dip the coated piece in the batter* until evenly wet
Step 3:Again roll the piece in dry mix powder.
Step 4: Fry all the coated pieces in hot oil until it turns golden brown color.  Crispy & Crunchy snack is ready to serve! This pack is sufficient for 250 g of cut vegetables. Try with Potato/ Paneer/ Mushroom/ Cauliflower / Bottle Gourd / Snake Gourd


Nutritient Values (Approx 100gm) :

Energy(Kcal) – 338

Protein(g) – 10.57

Carbohydrate(g) – 70.51

Total Sugars(g) – 2.62

Total Fat(g) – 1.48

Sodium(g) – 2.19

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Weight 60 g


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