Instant Halwa Mix 200g


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Ingredients List:

Sugar,Starch, Refined Wheat flour,Cardomom powder

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Application details:

1. In a pan, add 300 ml (Approx. 2 cups) of water and empty the contents of this pack into the water and mix well without lump formation.

2. Cook for 10 minutes in medium flame with continous stirring & adding ghee at the last stage of the process.

3. Apply Ghee in a plate & transfer the Halwa. Decorate with Nuts /Dry fruits of your choice if needed. Cut into pieces once it is cooled.

Nutritional claims:

Energy(Kcal) – 390

Protein(g) – 1.31

Carbohydrate(g) – 95.5

Total Sugars(g) – 46.83

Total Fat(g) – 0.32

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Weight 100 g


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