Instant Chocolate Milkshake Mix 100g


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Ingredients List:

Sugar, Starch, Cocoa solids, Milk solids, Thickeners & Stabilizers ( E415)

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Product Description

Application details:

1.Add 1 tablespoon (Approx. 15 g) of Milkshake mix of this pack to 180 ml (Approx. 1 glass) of Chilled Milk

2. Blend well in mixer for a minute & Delicious Chocolate Milk Shake is ready to relish. Add extra sugar to your taste, if required.

Nutritional Values:

Energy(Kcal) – 359

Protein(g) – 3.1

Carbohydrate(g) – 66

Total Sugars(g) – 37

Dietary Fibre(g) – 1.1

Total Fat(g) – 9.3

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Weight 100 g


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