Crispy Fry Mix Crunchy 60g

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FOODIX crispy fry mix crunchy is the perfect mix for making classic southern-style fried chicken at home. This crispy fried chicken mix powder contains spiced blend that creates light, fluffy, and delicious fried chicken. Transform your plain chicken meals into ones full of rich, tantalizing flavour with every bite with our chicken fry batter mix.

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  • A guilt free crispy fry batter mixes fried food with this wholesome meal that tastes just like home food. Filled with goodness and love, straight from mom’s kitchen. Gives perfect crispy and flaky coating on the outside. Keeps inside’s chicken fry juicy and tender.
  • Now it is easier to make a restaurant style crispy and crunchy food at home in a few minutes. Enhance your chicken fry using crispy fry mix with amazing flavours on stovetop or microwave. Inspired from international & indian flavors, Foodix crispy fry mix delights you with every bite.
  • No added flavors or artificial flavors. This fried chicken mix is 100% vegetarian. A Foodix crispy fry mix is a scientific mix of ingredients, which when added to flour and coated on top of any veg or non veg, it gives a crispy coating and preserves juicy tender protein inside
  • Foodix crispy fry mix is a good combination of selected spices and ingredients. Foodix offers a broad range of organic products including crispy fry mix crunchy & Veggies, healthy soups, immunity boosting drinks etc.
  • Crispy fry batter mix is ready to eat fried food in easy steps – you can cook crispy and delicious fried chicken fry/ veggies/ paneer just by coating and frying. create your own dish within a few minutes using this mix. Give a flavourful punch and ingredients to your rice.

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1 Pack – 60g, 10 Pack – 60g


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